The Drink

bcalm is a new functional wellness drink that delivers a calming sensation you can feel. Helps reduce stress and improve focus without causing drowsiness*. Never artificial - Made with all natural herbs, vitamins and an amino acid with stress-reducing properties. Unique refreshing taste with light carbonation. Best served chilled. Proudly produced in the USA.

Energy Drink Lawsuits

Energy drinks are very popular especially during sporting activities. They are often packed with excessive levels of artificial flavorings, caffeine, vitamins and amino acids. The law regulates energy drinks under dietary supplements unlike soda which is regulated as food. Their labels does not include the amount of caffeine. To some individuals, these ingredients can lead to increased heartbeat, caffeine toxicity,… Read more →

The Company

Good Life Beverages was founded in 2011 by a Harvard University student on a mission to help people live happier, healthier, and calmer.

After suffering from stress and anxiety for most of his life, the founder spent over a year researching and developing the perfect solution to daily stress. The result was bcalm.

Based in Boston, Good Life Beverages is a startup backed by an exceptionally talented group of investors and advisors.

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The Story

I suffered from stress and anxiety for most of my life. A killer combination of demanding parents, hectic life in New York, and strenuous jobs in finance and consulting. I set off to South America to find peace, balance, and a change of pace. There I discovered a warmth and culture far from the daily rush of life in New… Read more →