Energy drinks before cardio and elliptical workouts

Before engaging in ellipticals there are pre workout drinks which are a must for everyone. The drinks are meant to boost energy and carry all through the ellipticals in order to achieve the objectives of the activity. There are a number of pre workout drinks which exist and may include the following:-


These are the most common type of drinks which can be used before engaging in livestrong activities. A smoothie is made by mixing fruit juices and milk or soy milk. The presence of milk supplies the body with the required proteins such as casein to push through the training activity. Secondly, milk is a rich source of a number of minerals which are essential during these training activities. They are important in helping the body avoid complications which may result from the activities.

On the other hand, fruits are used and they are also important sources of important minerals such as potassium which will aid during the training activities and at the end of it help in achieving the objectives of ellipticals. The type of fruit juices mixed with milk may be varied depending on individual preferences and liking. Different fruits have different levels of minerals necessary in ellipticals. Others which may be included in the smoothie are bananas which provide sufficient potassium for instance to push through the activities without complications.


This is another drink which can be used before engaging in ellipticals. As mentioned above, milk is an important source of essential nutrients including minerals. It has casein and in addition important lactic acid micro-organisms which are used in its manufacture. All this provide the body with necessary energy and nutrients during the training activities.

The yoghurt has sugars which provide carbohydrates which play a fundamental role in supplying the body with important calories to help push through the training activity. The presence of proteins in form of whey and casein are important when performing ellipticals. They help the body to persevere and become resistant for long.


Water is an essential and the most important drink which must be considered before getting involved in ellipticals. Hydrating the body is important since when performing ellipticals, chances are that a lot of water will be lost which may lead to dehydration. As much as the smoothies and yoghurt among other drinks will provide water, pure water is important. The water is likely to also replenish the electrolytes which may be lost during the ellipticals. These electrolytes include sodium, chloride and potassium.

In conclusion, preworkouts drinks for ellipticals are a must to everyone in order to attain the goals of the activity and avoid injuring the body.

Energy Drink Lawsuits

Energy drinks are very popular especially during sporting activities. They are often packed with excessive levels of artificial flavorings, caffeine, vitamins and amino acids. The law regulates energy drinks under dietary supplements unlike soda which is regulated as food. Their labels does not include the amount of caffeine. To some individuals, these ingredients can lead to increased heartbeat, caffeine toxicity, dehydration, high blood pressure and sometimes they can result to cardiac arrest or sudden deaths. Under such situation a legal action should be taken against the manufacture of that product.

Reasons why energy drinks are dangerous.

· They are added with additives like guarana which contains high levels of caffeine, in fact one of the plants with the highest levels of caffeine.

· They also contain taurine. This chemical compound signals the heart to slow down as opposed to caffeine. This contradiction may result to dangerously irregular heart rates.

· Their high levels of caffeine and other stimulants can result to vascular system constriction in organs like brain and heart.

To date, a number of energy drink law suits have been filed against some manufacturers like Rockstar Energy Drink Drinks, Monster Energy Drinks and 5-hour Energy Shots. Having experienced serious heart complications after consumption of an energy drink, one can be entitled to a substantial compensation if the case is handled by a good a good energy drink lawyer.

Energy drink lawsuits are certainly on the rise. As a consumer, you should be wary of deadly side effects related to energy drinks. In case of any potential energy drink poisoning, you should contact a law firm for a no-obligation evaluation of you case as soon as possible. Advertised as regular supplements, energy drinks are claimed to help people during their sporting activities or workouts, however, they should be taken with care as they can result to serious health problems especially in children.